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List of products by manufacturer Le Coin de Kaori

Aurélie, 32, code-named Kaori,  completed Fine Arts in Digital Arts section.

She then embraced a carreer of writer and colorist for comic books  (including recurring jobs for Lanfeust Mag or the Vent d'Ouest Editions),

Her interest for sculpture and in particular for the creation of resin dolls kicked in in 2006 and by 2009, doll making had taken a professional turn.

Long slender girls, plump kittens and bedazzling anthropomorphic creatures  and adorables mixtures of plush animal and dolls... Kaori leaves a part of childhood in her creations. Depending on the model we will find the recklessness of youth or ... the memories of these monsters lurking in the bedroom closet.

Influenced by cinema through films like Tim Burton's pieces, Pan, the last unicorn, the never-ending story or Disney movies, her creations, often defying conventional proportions, revolve in a poetic and sometimes quite burlesque universe.

The collector will find in her home-made dolls an endless source of enjoyment with just that little taste of quirkiness in it...

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item