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List of products by manufacturer Enchanted Doll (Eyes)

Enchanted Doll Eyes is an artist specialized in urethane eyes.

Enchanted Doll products are high quality UV protected eyes with a very realistic rendering.  

More than a hundred colors are available in various sizes. 

Depending on the eyes diameter, the iris will be "default " or you can choose between "low-dome" or "high-dome".

It is also possible for some diameters to chose the iris size to allow more or less white to appear. Precisions can be found in the product description. 

It is also possible to choose the cornea color, (for a price). Default color is white.

Basic colors can be found in the E-D Eyes serie, available from 12mm to 22 mm. 

The milky eyes collection offers eyes from 12mm to 22mm. They contain a small iridescent powder, giving more light and life to your doll's eyes.

Sweety eyes colors are available for eyes from 8mm to 22mm. A "pearl" option can be added (with pearl speck a tad larger than in the milky eyes.) from 12mm. 

Option Pearl. Example :  

NOTE : For now Octarine does not allow pre-orders of "unique eyes" (custom made) . The only unique Eyes available will be in stock. 

An announcement will be made when the option becomes available.

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