The shop will be closed from saturday 15 to sunday 23 of June.

- The webshop stays open, you can stil place orders.

- I will only respond to lay-away requests, the other mails will be dealt with when I come back.

- I will not ship anything during that time.

- No products will be added to the catalog.

- If you want to place an order and pay with paypal, and there's an issue with the paypal module (it happens sometimes) , please refer to the F.A.Q for an alternative solution.

- If you have an order currently placed :

-- I will check all order status have been checked on friday 14 to make sure that all lay-away payments are accounted for.

-- Some suppliers shipped a few orders this week by EMS. They should go through customs while I am on holiday and be delivered when I return. 
If your doll is part of the shipment you received a mail on friday 14 . (This concerns Angelphilia, Charmdoll, Loongsoul, Dream Valley, and I may know tomorrow about DC/DZ)

If you did not hear from me it means I couldn't get any decent info on your doll (but I did ask for an update to everyone recently, I promise.^^ )

If you have any particular question you'd want a quick answer to, drop me a mail before Friday 14, end of day. :)

See you soon !