Here is an update on the current situation. (only worth until the situation changes…) 

In Belgium (where Octarine is)

As everywhere in the European Union, many shops and public places are closed down and we are  in confinement. We need to stay home and to avoid contact with other people as much as possible. 

For Octarine : 

As far as I am concerned, my office is in my house, to my daily life is not much affected. I am in good health and confined with my partner and my cat.  We go out as little as possible.

About pre-ordered dolls deliveries. 

During the last few months, deliveries from China have slowed down drastically, and at the moment, no delivery of pre-ordered dolls is planned before early april. 

Current pre-orders

They are opened as usual.

However, expect longer delivery times than usual for most compagnies. They need to catch up with the unexpected closures of January and february.


To this day : 

 Little Dolls Strasbourg is cancelled

LDolls du Lac in Evian will be post-poned

 Bella Dolls in Bailleul is for now cancelled, may be postponed

 Dolly Day in Barcelona is not cancelled yet but might be. 

Dolls Garden party in Toulouse, in not cancelled yet

About Stocks 

I have plenty. Some thing were supposed to be surprises for conventions but I will put them online shortly. 

You can freely purchase stock, however I will not ship it until the end of the confinement (april 4th for now). Postal services workers should be able to rest or stay home. 

I will prepare your order and mark it as 'ready to ship". you will receive a tracking number on the day I ship it. 

Hopefully everything will go bak to normal soon. 

In the meantime : Take care of yourself and your loved ones !