Some personal events are leading to reconsider my professional career and as such, to close my online shop Octarine. 

As of today, I am not taking any pre-orders. 

If you have an orders placed at my shop at the moment, I will contact you between the 23d and the 31 of may.  

(I’m checking up on deliveries  and payments with my suppliers before contacting you) 

Oldest orders first and most recent orders last. 

- If for some reason your order couldn’t be honoured, you will be fully reimbursed ASAP

- If your order is currently processing normally the nothing will change and we will stay in touch until you receive your doll or item and are fully satisfied with it. 

Neither the website nor the mail will be disconnected before all orders are dealt with and all stock is gone, so I should still be around for a few months. 

(Please rest assured that I will not disappear on you like some have done in the past, way too many collectors know where I live. ^^) 

I do thank you all for your trust and your support over the last few year, Octarine has been a wonderful experience thanks to you.