If you wish to pay your order in installments, follow the instruction (please read until the end before placing an order) 

General info : 


1 - You can request a lay-away up to 5 months if your order is over 200 €

If your order is between 100€ & 200€ you can request a 2 installments lay-away, but not more.  

2 - You can have a maximum of two order on lay-away at the same time.

3- If you are getting late in paying your installments we will send you a reminder.

4 - If you fail to pay the first installment of your lay-away within 8 days of your order, we will cancel it. 

5 - If you fail to pay you full lay-away plan, you will not receive the goods ordered and we will keep the first installment as administrative fees.

6 - If you buy goods that are not in stock we will place your order with our suppliers at the next pre-order following your first down payment.

E.G. : If you buy in 3 installments a doll chateau doll on the 15th of july 2017 and pay on the same day, your doll will be ordered with the July restock.





Fill in your cart with your order - Proceed to the order page and in the comment section of the order, write : 

"Lay-away please."

You can also tell me how many payments you want to make. (not more that 5) 


Register and validate your order by using : "Request a lay-away"

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At this stage we will not require any kind of payment. Later you will be able to pay through bankwire, paypal or credit card. 



We will contact you shortly to offer you a lay-away plan.

- If you specified how many payments you want to make already, we will only offer the payment timetable for this number of payments.

- If you haven't specified, you will receive different offers to chose from. 

Example : 

Let us know which one you want. 

 Your order status will now be "lay-away - awaiting first installment"




You can now pay the first installment -  YOU HAVE 8 DAYS TO DO SO or we will cancel your order. 


By bank wire

Do not forget to indicate the reference of your order:

US Dollar & Euros can both be sent to this account. 


IBAN : BE81 7320 3594 5524

CBC Banque & Assurance
Rue des Frères Pierseaux 1
1400 Nivelles


Via Paypal

Click on the button below to reach our page. Enter the amount and the change the currency if needed. Do not forget to add your order reference in the comment section. 



Par credit or debit card


Type the amount of your installment in the box below then click the yellow hipay button, you will be redirected to a secure payment page.

(if you do not enter any amount, the default amount will be 100 €)

Use this button for payments in Euros. 

Use this button for payments in US Dollars

These buttons can be used to pay all of your installements. 

As your installment get paid, the status of you order will change. These changes are done manually, so they may not appear immediately, especially if you've made a payment during the night or a week-end.

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And so on...

A question? Contact us!