Questions ? F.A.Q.

You will find below the answer to the question asked frequently the last 3 years. 

1 - Do you sell dolls from "name of a company whose name is not on our website" ? 


If we don't have a dealer contract with a company we cannot sell their dolls at a reasonnable price.

Each year we try to add 3 or 4 companies to our catalogue, so feel free to suggest a collaboration. 

(Note : IpleHouse and Soom do not work with dealer and Fairyland is too hard to manage.)

2 - Are you going to have "name of a JD" in stock ? I would like to buy it, one day, maybe, I think... if I have the money.


If you do not see it in the section « In Store » or in the list « soon in store » we do not have "name of a BJD" in stock. 

By the way, do you want it, in white skin, in pink skin, in tan skin ? With or without make-up, or body blush ? Which body ?  Did you make-up your mind on the bust size ? What about the high heels ? Should we then order the 2457 available variation on the same doll just to make sure ? 

The choice of option for one doll is usually so large that if we wanted to have all the doll we offer in store we should buy over 59 000 of them. 

The easiest and oddly enough the fastest way to get your doll is to pre-order it. 

3 - Do you ship in "name of a country?". How much is going to cost me ? 

- Everything is explained on this  page. 

- Another easy way to know is to fill in a cart and register on the website with at least your country int he adress. As you fill in your cart the shipping fees are updating. 

4 - Does the resin colour of "this company" fits the resin color of "that company" ? 

Complicated question..

If you have a Facebook account, you can join this group to get anwers. Si vous avez Facebook, vous pouvez rejoindre ce groupe. 

You can also ask the question on specialised forums , such as Den Of Angel. a question peut aussi être posée, en français sur Matériel Céleste ou en anglais sur Den Of Angels. 

You can also send us a mail and we will inquire to the company.

Ringdoll and Loongsoul also offer a resin match service, feel free to contact us about it ! 

5 - My doll arrived broken, something in my order was not right. What to do ?

- Take pictures of the broken and  faulty product and forward it to us.

- If possible, let us know if you wish a replacement, a repair, a refound.

- If the break/fault was already here when the product arrived we will take the necessary actions in collaboration with the company.  

- If the order was damaged during the shipping between our shop and your house, we will work with the insurance department of the postal service (insurance is free for orders above 50 euros, please use it.)

- We pay for the return if the product if you take action within 15 days of the reception of your order. 

6 - Can I pay in lay-away ? 

Yes, of course. . 

If you buy over 100 euros. Everything is explained here.

7 - How to contact you ? 

By order of preference : 

- by email ( or through the contact form) 

- Facebook

- Through private message on  Den of Angel (user name : Nefisa) (

- Via Instagram or Twitter

- By phone.  (at your own risks I'm not good at chitchat ^^) 

- (you can also send us postcards, we love it !  ^^) 

Concerning Facebook messenger and the phone, please don't expect me to answer and chat out of office hours. I love dolls but after 6 pm, I prefer to discuss my friends and my own BJDs, not the one in the shop.  Thank you for your understanding. :)

8 - Will I pay custom or taxes  ? 

Depends where you live. 

- You live in Belgium or in a country belonging to the European Union: 

The price shown on the website includes the Belgian VAT (21%). You will not have to pay anything more and your package will not be stopped by customs during delivery. 

- You live out of the European Union : 

The price shown on the website is void of any taxes.  

Il est possible que votre colis soit arrêté par les douanes de votre pays lors de la livraison et soit taxé selon les règles en vigueur chez vous. Nous mettons tous les documents nécessaires sur le colis pour qu’il ne soit pas retenu trop longtemps en douane. Nous ne sous-déclarons pas  le montant des commandes. 

9 - Do you offer discounts when we place a large order ? 

Let's set up the context : An average cart on Octarine contains about 200 euros worth of goods. 

A "large order" is not a 300 euros doll. (agreed, it IS a large sum, but not in the world of BJDs) 

We have a loyalty program, so if you buy regularly you will have discounts.

Every order above 1000 euros gets free shipping. .

If you are a regular customer, do not hesitate to contact us to get longer lay-aways for example. 

10 - A product form a company you represent is not online and I wish to buy it.

- Check on the company's website if this product isn't an exclusive collaboration ( like Luts often dos with Dolk)

- We may have chosen deliberately not to offer some products on pre-order. This is the case for Luts wigs, eyes, and outfits for example, as they might be out of stock before we are able to place the pre-order. 

If you buy a doll and wish to add a wig or an outfit along with it, feel pfree to contact us and we will excepionnally add it to our store and have the company set it aside. 

If you only want ot buy on small object in a category we don't supply in pre-order, suggest it and we'll take in in stock if it is still available. (but, you'd better use group orders on forums)  

- We forgot to add it, thanks for noticing, let us know and we'll add it shortly. :)

11 - I want to pay with paypal but I cannot see the option or the module gives back a error message.  

The paypal module is moody one and often fails when I'm away from the computer.

Do Not Panic.

Step 1 -  Finalise your order by clicking the "pay by bank wire option"


Step 2 - Once you have received you order confirmaiton mail with the order reference

click here  : 

Step 3 : Enter the amount of your order (do not forget to change into euro/dollar depending on the currency you used) , let me know the order reference in the commente section and Voilà ! 

More questions ? Contact us !