Octarine Special Dolls

Our Company

Founded in 2015, Octarine is a small Belgian import and export company of collectible dolls.

Octarine aims at:

    • - Ease the lives of Europeans collectors by taking care of customs clearance for Asian dolls and striving to put forward newsworthy sculpts;

    • - To promote abroad Belgian and European artists who desserve to be known to the greatest number;

  • - (secret objective of the manager: to have plenty of pretty dolls in transit in his office.)


Octarine provides:

    • - European and Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls and Petdolls

    • - Dolls clothing

    • - Customization equipment (wigs, eyes, special parts ...)

    • - Accessories (jewelry, bags, furniture ...)

    • - Sewing, drawing and sculpture supplies

Who's who ? 

Stéphane Gay

BJD collector since almost 10 years, she decided to turn her passion into a full-time job.

After a few botched attempts at sculpting and many needles' pricks resulting in rather unflattering garnments, she gave up on the artistic side of the hobby to focus on what she really mastered: Highlight the work of artists and facilitate customers' lives.

Thus was created Octarine Special Dolls, the shop bringing Asian treasures to Europe in a few clicks and disseminating around the world the adorable creations from our European artists.

Luc Matthews

Art enthusiast of the philanthropic kind, he's in charge of accounting and finance.